September 17, 2009

Mom I Want to Show You Something

My 4 year old took me by the hand yesterday and led me to the back yard to show me something. He handed me a little red car and said, "I am going to use the Super Fast car I got from Aunt Angela."

So you tell me..........

Trailer for hauling motorcycles, snowmobiles and 4-wheelers?

or a 16 Lane Racer Car Track?

The little boys defiantly think it is best as a race car track. They had a blast! I love it when they use their imaginations to come up with fun things to do.
I also love when they play together. They love to play together it is so awesome!


Jessica said...

Gotta love it when their little minds come up with ingenuous ideas!

Todd and Amyjoy said...

So Creative! My boys would love that too!

Eagar Five said...

I love your background it's so cute, I'm excited for fall!
I love it too that I had 2 boys, it's nice when they play well together. The trailer is perfect for cars, my boys would be jealous.
Do you guys have snowmobiles and ATV's that you haul on your trailer? If you do, I need to have Mark talk to Jon; I grew up doing that and would like to have snowmobiles of our own someday rather than relying on my parents for that fun.

Lace said...

oh my goodness, your boys are the cutest seriously! Not only that but they have the sweetest personalities. Hope everything is going great for you guys!! Tell matt hi for me!

Cesar and Angela Santos said...

Good thing I bought him that car! It put me in the #1 spot of favorite aunt! Oh how such simple things will make kids happy hahaha