December 29, 2008

Our Noble Lad

We went to grandma and grandpa Knight's for Christmas. While we were there the Oot got to play with his cousins. One afternoon grandpa was teasing Oot and his cousin telling them that he was the ear pig and he was going to eat their ears. They squeeled and tried to get away. Grandpa grabbed little MaKenna and Oot said, No, don't bite her, you can have my ear. This one here.
He is such a sweet boy and he teaches me lessons every day.

December 28, 2008

Eight Years

Today we celebrate our 8th wedding anniversary. I went through our photo albums and wrote down a few of the highlights from each of our years together.

Snowmobiled in Salmon, ID.
Graduated from Ricks College.
Spent the summer in Utah.
Mark sold pest control and Monica went to dental assisting school.
We moved four times this year.
We both started working full time in the fall.

Monica had been working as a dental assistant for only a few months,then started dental hygiene school.
Mark was working on his first year of his electrical apprenticeship.
We spent lots of time at the lake this summer including a cabin weekend with Monica's family.
We took several rafting trips with Monica and Jeremy and Tanya and Jon.
Mark got his Suzuki dirt bike.
We skied in Tahoe after Christmas with Marks family.

We snowmobiled with Chris and Mandy.
Mark cut his head open and got 14 stitches.
We spent a lot of time jet skiing with Niki and Glen.
Monica hard at work in dental hygiene school, graduated at the end of the year. Mark got Monica her little Yamaha dirt bike.
We rafted, hiked and explored hot springs with Trent and Alex.
We bought our first home.
Mark surfed in California with Angela.

Monica got her first dental hygiene job in a dental office.
Monica went on a European tour with Mark's sister Monica.
Mark sold the Suzuki and upgraded to a faster KTM.
We played on the lake with Monica's family and went camping with Marks family.
We had a dirt bike adventure with Trent, Tyson and Sid.
We found out we were pregnant.

Our 1st child was born.
We went on a cruise to Mexico for Christmas with Monica's family.
As I looked over the pictures from this year I found lots of pictures of a sweet little boy getting bigger by the minute. With the birth of our first child our lives were changed forever. What a joy and blessing this little boy has been.

We bought our second home and rented out our first home.
We did some remodeling to that second home.
Mark graduated from his apprenticeship and became a journeyman electrician.
We took a trip to Spokane to see Mark's parents land and where Monica grew up.

Mark got an even faster KTM.
We found out we were expecting our second child.
We went paint balling in the summer.
We snowmobiled at Christmas with Monica's family.

Our second child was born.
We went rafting in the summer.
We went to Aunt Angela's wedding.
It seems the year a baby is born out life stops for a while and we focus entirely on the new life in our lives. He has also been a great joy. He has the happiest disposition and we truly enjoy having him in our family.

It has been a great eight years. Mark is such a wonderful husband and father and I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

December 23, 2008

Sweat Box

The other night we drove around in the car looking at Christmas lights. We had the bear wrapped up like this....

When we got out of the car he was soaked in sweat.....

December 22, 2008

Fall Photo's

I have been holding back on posting any of our fall family photo's because I wanted to send out my Christmas card first. I didn't want to spoil the surprise and have you open a Christmas card to reveal a photo you have already seen. Ok I am wierd I know. Oh and I know I posted some of these on my backdrop, but they were not the one's I used in my card.
My friend Jammie took them and she did a wonderful job. Here is a sampling taken from the calander pages and mock Christmas cards I made. Here are some of Jammies favorites. Here is one she played around with. Oh how we love photoshop.

Monet, Van Gogh, Renoir?

A few weeks ago I suggested that Oot draw some pictures to send to some family with their Christmas cards. He drew a couple of blue and orange scribles. Well today he brought us a paper where he had drawn a star wars guy and daddy. Amazing, one day he scribbles the next he makes people. Oh I guess Mark threw away the star wars guy but here is one that I found...It is titled creepy monster

Visit to Santa

Oot was really cute when we went to see Santa. He drew a picture of Santa to take him, and talked about how he missed Santa the whole way there. He was nervous when we got there and wanted me to come with him. He sat on his lap and told him that he wanted a blue and an orange car. Last year all he cared about was getting candy and I think he cried when I tried to put him on Santa's lap. This year he forgot that there was candy. Oh and he told Santa that he met his wife, we had seen her a few weeks back at a Christmas activity.

What is So Funny About Poop?

Still have lots of things I want to post about but do not have the time. I don't take the time often enough to write down the funny things my son says, so here goes. Yesterday while we sat in church my son was talking to the teens behind us. He dropped a quarter on the ground and the teenage boy told him that he ate it. To this my son replied, "well now you are going to have to poop it out." He repeated this several times as the teen teased him about eating his quarter. Don't worry he didn't whisper so I am sure plenty of people heard. I couldn't help but laugh, it was a weak moment. He said to me, "that is funny huh?" I said, "yes but you need to sit down and be quiet." Oh he was just getting started. He then asked the teens behind us,(loud enough to be heard three rows back) "Why did tiger look in the toilet?" they didn't have a chance to reply before he proudly announced, "To look for pooh!" How embarrassing. But funny. He is sure fun to have around. Ok lunch break is over!

December 14, 2008

Missing Posts

Well I was going to post about so many things over the last couple of weeks; Thanksgiving, Airplane travel, Black Friday, Coupon deals, recipes, and many more. Some how my time has been taken up with fixing the computer, designing a Christmas card, gathering addresses, mailing cards, baking Christmas goodies, coupon shopping and deal hunting, making a photo calender and turning my European tour into a DVD. This is all in addition to my regular routine; you know the one, cook, clean, shop, work, clean drive, volleyball, diapers, clean, feed, sleep, rock, clean again, play, balance, pay, deposit. That sort of thing.
So I thought I would take a minute to post our Christmas card, I may or may not get to changing the fall background. How is your Christmas preparation coming along?