August 28, 2008

Gorgeous Bride

My little sister is getting married tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. I looked at 84 of her 900 bridal pictures last night and they are all gorgeous. What a beautiful bride she will be. I just wanted to show a few of her bridals off.

August 20, 2008

We Love the FAIR!

Oh how I love the fair! I look forward to it every year. Each year watching my child's excitement has been better than the last. We took that exciting trip this summer and this is how it went.

The first thing I wanted to do was get some fair food! We got some of those hot chicken and cheese flat bread sandwiches, Tortado's (they take a whole potato and swirl it with what looks like a drill bit, then they fry it and you can top it with
salt, and spices) It is like a cross b/t fried chips and french fires. Should have taken a picture. We also had State Fair Strawberry Lemonade to top it off.

After dinner we headed over to the country concert. Here are me and our baby at the concert. Ya I got all cowgirled up. I love this hat my college summer roomies got it for me for my 18th birthday. I wore it to the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert the next summer. Look at that boy sucking down the lemonade.

Here is my husband and our boy watching the African Acrobat show. These guys put on a pretty good show.

The 4 x 4 show. Jeeps climbing the rocks. The boys were really excited to watch this one.

We love the Ag tent. They always have lots of fun, free, and educational activities geared toward the kids. Here is the picture board and the bean pool with the tractors.

My husband took our boy over to a big cow and pointed to the udders and told him that is were milk comes from. Look at that face! I am not sure if he is grossed out or just really surprised.

This boy sure loved the petting zoo. We would tell him lets go see more animals and he would quickly hop on the stroller which is rare form for this boy. He loved the fair. When it was time to go he cried all the way to the car. "I want to stay at the fair." I could have stayed later too I love it so much but it was late and daddy was the voice of reason.

Before we could leave I HAD to have dessert. It was a tough decision with funnel cakes, Carmel apples, cotton candy and churros to choose from but I went for a fair favorite the elephant ear. YUMMY!

August 16, 2008

100 Things About Me

So Debbie posted this a while back and I really wanted to do the same but I have not gotten to it. Then Amber and Ranell posted as well. So I don't want to look like a copy cat but oh well here goes.

1. Right now I love the color chocolate brown especially with pink or blue.
2. Lately I have been loving chocolate and peanut butter milk shakes.
3. I am the oldest of 5 children, Me, Jeremy-24, Angela-almost 20, Jordan-18 and Tanner-13
4. I am a dental hygienist.
5. I got my first dirt bike back in 2002.
6. I have always had a thing for teeth, I kept all of my baby teeth in a jar after I lost them, and used spend time looking at them.
7. I love to white water raft.
8. If you read my blog you know how I feel about camping.
9. I don't like to wear clothes that display a brand name, I am not a free advertisement.
10. I took 4 years of french in high school.
11. I took a European tour in 2004 and visited; England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.
12. I would love to go back to Europe.
13. I have never been to Hawaii but would like to go.
14. I love playing Volleyball!
15. I recently decided if I could have any job it would be a professional volleyball player. Really though that would only be if I didn't have my boys b/c being mommy to my two little boys is the best (most of the time).
16. I didn't even know I loved volleyball until 2004.
17. I like a wide variety of music.
18. When I was 12 or 13 I flew by myself on a plane to visit my cousins in Michigan. That was one of my favorite trip. They were all so fun and good to me.
19. I like to travel, and wish I did a whole lot more.
20. One of my favorite college class was a composition class. Our first assignment was a 20 page autobiography. Through out the class we had to read the Agony and the Ecstasy a biographical novel about Michelangelo. This novel inspired me to want to go to Italy to see his works for myself. We also had to write 20 pages about our college experiences. It was kind of like a blog and it was a cool experience.
21. I can read music and kind of play the piano.
22. I like to play other competitive sports like softball, basketball, tennis, ultimate Frisbee but I rarely get the chance these days.
23. I love to play board games, and I really miss my friend Jessica who used to have me over to play them often.
24. One of my favorite board games is Settlers of Catan.
25. In college I almost changed my major to Culinary Art because I like cooking/eating good food and my science classes were REALLY hard.
26. I have always been better at language and music but in order to be a hygienist I had to struggle through lots of tough science classes. (It was worth it)
27. I know how to sew, but haven't really ever gotten into it.
28. I have never been really into reading since about 6th grade but have been trying to get into it for the last couple of years.
29. I like to listen to books on tape in my car.
30. I like to watch movies.
31. I love the fair; food, rides, atmosphere, vendors.
32. I learned how to surf when I live in Cali.
33. I am usually willing to try new things.
34. I really like snowmobiling.
35. As a child my favorite vacations were to Canada's Edmonton Mall and Victoria Island, Seattle, and the Red Wood Forest in CA.
36. When I turned 16 I was so eager to drive that I missed the first day of girls camp to go and take my drivers test on my 16th birthday. I could not possibly wait another week to be licenced.
37. I love digital scrap booking, but I wish it was not so time consuming.
38. I can't stand clutter.
39. I love the smell of coconut, vanilla, cinnamon and lime.
40. I loved taking swim lessons when I was a kid.
41. I love warm bread.
42. I worked at a Great Harvest Bread Store in high school.
43. My favorite breads were; Apple Crumble, Cheddar Garlic and Spinach Feta.
44. I am a Walmart hater.
45. I love to buy stuff at IKEA.
46. I really like Italian food.
47. I can wink with my left eye and my right.
48. I can raise both of my eyebrows, but only the left one my itself.
49. Amber, Debbie and Ranell I really don't know how you got to 100 this is hard.
50. At the high school I went to my freshmen year you could see the ocean from some of the second floor classrooms.
51. I love brownies, especially when you add, marshmallows, chocolate, graham crackers, cream cheese, oreo's or Reese's cups!
52. I rarely drink pop/soda.
53. I love making fruit smoothies in my Vita-Mix.
54. I never had a nick name growing up.
55. I used to know the name and location of every bone, muscle, vein and nerve in the body, but I can't remember very many now.
56. I can't sleep with out some kind of blanket even if it's just a sheet, even if it is really hot.
57. I like 5 hurl amusement park rides. ( roller coasters, high drops that get your stomach going)
58. I had a season pass to Disneyland when I was in high school.
59. If I want to lay out or cool off I would rather go to the pool than the beach. (All that sand is stays with you all day and weeks if you get it in the car), who am I kidding months if it is my car.
60. My car desperately needs to be vacuumed.
61. My first car that I drove around in high school (certainly not mine, it was my parents and they always reminded me of this) was a 1998 Nissan Frontier pick up truck.
62. The first car that I owned was a Saturn SL 1992.
63. I got my Young Womanhood recognition award when I was in Young Womens. My mom didn't even have to force me.
64. I have been pulled over twice and I have had 2 speeding tickets. Dang motorcycle cops, they would ticket their own mom.
65. Root beer is my favorite Popsicle flavor.
66. My husband could pretty much care less about our family blog, but I love it! I think I will get away with that comment b/c he rarely reads it unless I make him. We will see.
67. I love to multi-task, right now I am writing this and watching Olympic volleyball.
68. This is really hard for me to make this all about me and not talk about my children, husband, or other family.
69. I wish I could block a volleyball like Kerri Walsh.
70. I love a clean house.
71. I wish I had a maid.
72. I want to serve an LDS mission with my husband someday.
73. I like to wear jewelry but I don't wear it very often.
74. I love, love, love hot chocolate, in the winter I buy it in bulk and drink it all the time, I love to add syrups, mints, cream and marshmallows to it. My brother gave me this hot chocolate maker from the Williams and Sonoma for Christmas it is sooo coool.
75. I love all four seasons and enjoy each one but I think summer is my favorite.
76. I am really excited for my little sisters wedding in a few weeks.
77. I loved going to EFY when I was teen.
78. I like to entertain but I do not do it that much.
79. I am usually very quiet in groups.
80. I used to consider myself a good listener, but I seem to be more and more easily distracted in my old age. hehe
81. One of my favorite movies is, "While You Were Sleeping".
82. I have never really been into nick names but I have given both of my children one. I really didn't plan on it they just kind of evolved and stuck.
83. I got a second piercing when I was 18 and a month later President Hinckley gave a talk about only having one eat piercing. I was bummed to take out my second but I did.
84. My second piercing is still a better hole.
85. I am not a perfectionist when it comes to most things.
86. I hate snakes.
87. I love to make fudge, carmel, cookies, toffee and such at Christmas time.
88. I canned peaches once, and it ruined one of the burners on my stove. It was a lot of work. I am not sure if I will ever do it again.
89. I love to treasure hunt at garage sales.
90. I love to go to the Carlsbad Outlet mall.
91. I like golfing but rarely ever go, it's so spendy!
92. I managed apartments when I was going to hygiene school.
93. I love food.
94. I am allergic to most animals.
95. I love cruising, great way to vacation.
96. I have been in two productions, The King and I and The Wizard of Oz, both minor roles.
97. I love flowers especially in the color purple.
98. I love where I live.
99. I love my family.
100. I am glad I am finally finished with this.

If anyone of you want to try this you can consider yourself a TAGGED!

August 5, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I am one of many women and even men too ( I am not a man, men read the book) that are into reading the Twilight series. The fourth and final book just came out on Saturday. I am making my way through it right now.
I didn't use to read novels very much because I always had school books to read. It is fun to finally get to read for fun.
Which is your favorite book? Favorite Character? My favorite book is probably Twilight, I like the chase part of a romance, the beginning when everything it new and exciting. When the characters are still trying to figure each other out. My favorite character is Edward, he is so stinkin perfect in every way.
I just want to know who out there reads these books and what they think. So leave a comment, even you looky lou's.