February 24, 2010

I Said A Quick Prayer

This morning I was getting ready for work and trying to get the boys dressed. I got all of this boys clothes, but forgot his underwear. (He wears a pull-up to bed) I tell him, "get dressed while I am in the shower okay."

My Child: You forgot my underwear
ME: Go get your underwear out of your room
My Child: I am scared to go by myself
ME: I am in the shower, you need to go do it by yourself, come on show mommy how big you can be.
My child: I do not want to be big.

This goes on for a while. I get out of the shower no progress on the getting dressed. So I go and get the underwear and bring him in his brothers room while I get him dressed. He wanders off to do something, no progress on getting dressed. His brother starts to run away when I try to put on his diaper. Big brother says, "run way from mama" and laughs. I finally chase down little brother and get him dressed. Meanwhile big brother is climbing in the forbidden closet getting down the fruit snacks.

I get big brother dressed and as we go down the stairs I lecture big brother about how disappointed I am in him for not listening to me and for encouraging his brother to run away. Little brother starts saying disappointed, disappointed over and over in his cute little voice, while I put his shoes on. I put together a few more things and come back over by big brother.

My child: I just said a quick prayer
ME: Oh really what did you pray about?
My Child: Jesus, and that I can listen to you better.

WOW! I could not be mad at him anymore. How sweet. It almost made me cry.

January 24, 2010

Snowmobile for Christmas

This is what Mark got himself for Christmas this year. This summer he bought and sold for profit a few motorcycles. At the end of the season he still had one left. He found a guy on craigslist that wanted to trade a snowmobile for a motorcycle. Mark made sure it would be a good trade and then made the trade.

The boys LOVE the SNOWMOBILE. They just can not get enough. On New Years weekend we took the sleds up to the mountains. We have two because Mark made a deal with his friend Karl. Karl can store his sled in our backyard and ride our sled when ever he wants and we can use his trailer and snowmobile when we want. Pretty good deal.
When we went on this trip it felt like everything was going wrong. Karl;s sled would not start at first. Once we got it going with some help and some time Mark went to start his up again and the pull cord broke clean off! We were afraid our luck may be running out so we took a quick ride. On the way back Mark and Bear raced ahead of me and Oot. Suddenly my sled died. I tried a few times to start it and was unsuccessful. So I decided we better make the best of it while we waited for Mark to return.

So we built this snowman. It was pretty fun. We used some branches to make the face. I was told that he was not frosty because he did not have a button nose or a hat. When dad finally returned to rescue us we found that Oot had hit the kill switch. Ooops.

Next we looked for a hill to take the tube on. Bear was determined to climb through the snow by himself. He did not want me to hold him. The poor kid could hardly walk in the deep snow, but it was sure fun watching him try.

The tubing was fun but the climb was steep. A few weeks after this trip we went to another area with a big empty hill and Karl's family. The mom's and kids would slide down the hill on the sleds and tubes and the dad's would some to the bottom tow back our sleds and give us a ride to the top of the hill again. I was a blast!!! Certainly the way to go if you ask me.

The Snowman House

There is a sweet widow in our ward that LOVES to collect SNOWMEN. She invited all of the Primary children in the ward to come and visit with their families to see the 80 plus snowmen.

Last Monday for FHE I decided to take the kids to see the Snowmen. They LOVED IT!


Mark has been working at Darigold putting in a new section for making yogurt and sour cream. The other day he brought home a crate of chocolate milks given to him by one of the workers. He broke them out at dinner time and we all enjoyed one.
When I looked at mine the first things I said was, "hmm 1%, I was hoping for whole." It is so much more creamy! After I finished my dinner I left the table to work on a project. I heard this little boy talking aloud to himself. This is how it went.........

One percent? One percent?
This milk is one percent.
One cent.
One cent is the same as one penny.
This milk only cost one penny?
This milk only cost one cent.
Wow, wow!
That is awesome!

January 17, 2010

******Calling The North Pole******

******Ever since December I have caught my four year old dialing a bunch of random numbers on the telephone. When I take the phone he replies, "I was just trying to call the North Pole."

Last week I caught him doing it again and I said to him, "Dialing all of those numbers is not going to call the North Pole." He replied back to me, "but I was pressing the snowflake button."******