February 24, 2010

I Said A Quick Prayer

This morning I was getting ready for work and trying to get the boys dressed. I got all of this boys clothes, but forgot his underwear. (He wears a pull-up to bed) I tell him, "get dressed while I am in the shower okay."

My Child: You forgot my underwear
ME: Go get your underwear out of your room
My Child: I am scared to go by myself
ME: I am in the shower, you need to go do it by yourself, come on show mommy how big you can be.
My child: I do not want to be big.

This goes on for a while. I get out of the shower no progress on the getting dressed. So I go and get the underwear and bring him in his brothers room while I get him dressed. He wanders off to do something, no progress on getting dressed. His brother starts to run away when I try to put on his diaper. Big brother says, "run way from mama" and laughs. I finally chase down little brother and get him dressed. Meanwhile big brother is climbing in the forbidden closet getting down the fruit snacks.

I get big brother dressed and as we go down the stairs I lecture big brother about how disappointed I am in him for not listening to me and for encouraging his brother to run away. Little brother starts saying disappointed, disappointed over and over in his cute little voice, while I put his shoes on. I put together a few more things and come back over by big brother.

My child: I just said a quick prayer
ME: Oh really what did you pray about?
My Child: Jesus, and that I can listen to you better.

WOW! I could not be mad at him anymore. How sweet. It almost made me cry.



So cute! You exercise MUCH more patience than I do! The whole time I'm reading your post I'm thinking: WOW, what a calm response. Wow, I'm sure I'd be yelling at this point. Wow, I'm impressed! (But not surprised--you always seem to keep your composure!) Good job! You're a great mother!

Maile said...

They sure can make you do a 180 and change your whole attitude! What cute boys!