January 24, 2010


Mark has been working at Darigold putting in a new section for making yogurt and sour cream. The other day he brought home a crate of chocolate milks given to him by one of the workers. He broke them out at dinner time and we all enjoyed one.
When I looked at mine the first things I said was, "hmm 1%, I was hoping for whole." It is so much more creamy! After I finished my dinner I left the table to work on a project. I heard this little boy talking aloud to himself. This is how it went.........

One percent? One percent?
This milk is one percent.
One cent.
One cent is the same as one penny.
This milk only cost one penny?
This milk only cost one cent.
Wow, wow!
That is awesome!


Amber said...

First, YIPEEE for free milk. Second, he makes me laugh. That conversation with himself is hilarious.

Lorie said...

Kids say the darndest things. They completely tell the truth as they see it. When at our house for Christmas Matt met one of Tanners friends and his name is Adam. Matthew said, "Did you know Adam was a prophet?"