May 29, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping Trip

This weekend we went camping. It was pretty good. Pretty good you ask? Well do you know how I feel about camping? Check out my previous post.

The bear is still not walking so it was a challenge to keep him from getting filthy. Jamie brought that great netted tent with the tarp that he played in and he had fun sitting on the bikes. He likes my little bike because it is not loud like daddy's bike.

Oot had an absolute ball riding the little kido ATV's. It was his first time on one that size and he was a natural. It was difficult to get him off of it. The owner had to fake a dead battery.

We kept the meals simple. I just pulled a couple of my freezer meals out of the freezer. We put these Kabob's together right before the RAIN STORM!

Look how fun camping is now! We sat in the truck for an hour waiting for the rain to clear. It never did. It rained all night!

I tried to entertain the little ones and keep the snacks coming as the rain kept coming.

Oot tried to throw spider man webs at me. Oh good Spider Man story. I rented a movie called Spectacular Spider Man for Oot. He was telling one of our friends all about it. Saying, "I watched Pedicular Spider Man." I said, "Can you say Spectacular?" He replied, "No but I can say Pedicular."

I was trying to get these crazy kids to sit by each other and smile for me. This is what they gave me. Look and those dirty hands!

We ended up packing it all up and staying the night with our friends at their parents house. I was happy. I got to sleep in a comfy bed, play games with our friends and take a shower in the morning.

One more good story. When we were in our tent settling in the first night we were telling Oot that there was a creek near by and he was not to go over by it with out mom and dad. We told him that it ran fast and it could grab him and take him away.
The next morning he poked his head out of the tent and said hello to one of the neighboring campers. Then he told the guy that there was a "freak" in the woods that was going to come and take him away.


Todd and Amyjoy said...

It sounds like you need to give your tent away, buy a camper and ENJOY camping! We camp in the rain-no problem because you just go inside. You can cook inside, sleep in comfort, and some even have toilets and showers. We turn on the heater when it is cold. So I am not even cold camping anymore!
SO WORTH THE MONEY! We even bring a pack and play for when we have a baby.
I am sorry that you had a rough time. I loved the "freak in the woods". Priceless!
Don't forget us about volleyball. We'd love to come over! :)

Meagan said...

I'm thinking camping is just not your thing! Your little Matthew is too adorable and I love his's amazing how smart he is and the funny things he comes up with!
Hope you guys are doing well otherwise!!

Jessica said...

I miss those fun camping trips with you guys!

Eagar Five said...

Can you believe this rain!! We've been getting hit here in Utah and today it's only supposed to get up to 75 degrees. Well I'm glad to hear that you at least made a camping trip attempt, we haven't even had time for that.