July 20, 2008

Like / Hate

I have decided that camping is for kids. I told my husband that I have a like/hate relationship with camping. I like it because my son loves it and my husband likes it, and I like to do things they like.

I like roasted marshmallow's and dutch oven cooking. I like the scenery, pine trees, starry nights, rushing rivers, wildlife and such. I like dirt biking, hot springs, rafting, lake play, and board games. I like the way I feel after taking a shower after a camping trip.

I hate packing everything up and worrying that something is forgotten. I hate driving in the car on long ride or on a bumpy dirt road. I hate cleaning a dutch oven. I hate having an uncomfortable night of sleep. I hate mosquito's biting me or my boys. I hate worrying that my child is going to be the headline on the news of the lost child in the woods. I hate campfire smoke in my eyes. I hate unpacking and washing everything after camping.

I am learning to deal with my kids being dirty but I don't like it. I realize that my boys like this activity and so I go with them and I do very little complaining. Maybe a can learn to love it again like I did when I was a kid. Unfortunately that would require someone to pack, cook, clean and entertain me and I don't think that is going to happen.

This weekend we went on such an adventure and it was really pretty nice. Our friends the Hill's and Patterson's did all the shopping for food and brought up all of the cooking supplies. We all helped with cooking and cleaning. It was soooo much better than doing it all on our own.

They even had everything arranged for a rafting trip. They do this every year with family and friends and we are happy that they had us along.

I love rafting. My first trip was with my high school friends Meagan. We went to a girls camp. That was the beginning of an awesome friendship. In college Mark and I took a White Water Aquatics class at Ricks and learned kayaking and rafting.


Jessica said...

I have the same like/hate relationship with camping. However, now that I can't do it anymore (no good mountains here in Texas) I find that the like outway the dislikes, because I miss it a lot. I guess all that negative stuff is worth it in the end.

Amber said...

I used to love camping. Mark and I went ALL the time! But ever since Cora was born, we have opted not to go. I think the hassle of getting organized with little ones would cancel out why I love camping in the first place: it is so relaxing! I'm glad you had fun despite the cons of camping!

Tara said...

This is Tara Niederer. I found you on Cathy's blog. Your blog is cute. Love the Knight Writer thing... funny.

As for the camping. I loved camping, until I had a baby. Then it was 10 times the work as you said. So for ten years, we didn't go unless it was an arranged reunion. But this year we started going again. I really enjoy it now. I still hate the sleeping part, but we found some good mattresses. So it is much better!
Your boys are so cute!

RaNell said...

Sounds like we have the same love/hate relationship. I have found though that I like it a lot more when it's not just a quick trip (i.e. weekend). It has to be worth all the trouble camping brings.

So do you get to kayak much? Seth LOVES to kayak. But I have never been so he doesn't get out near as much as he wants to. But I love white water rafting.

It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Todd and Amyjoy said...

We didn't camp together UNTIL we had kids so I don't know any different. We have always brought along the pack and play and dealt with diapers, baby food, bottles, etc. as well as all the camping stuff.
It helps that Todd does ALL the setup while I watch our four kids. I do most of the packing, meals, beforehand, and washing clothes and cleanup afterwards. BUT we do have a tent trailer this year and I highly recommend it. Much easier and much more comfortable! Softer sleep and we have the heater when it gets cold. This city girl doesn't like to be too hot or too cold. Our philosophy is we'll just bring the kids when they are young and get them used to camping- it will seem like a piece of cake when they can actually pack for themselves! We're hoping anyway!
And, it is always an adventure!

Glenda said...

Ha Monica! I decided I loved camping as long as we have beds, a shower, running water, and a kitchen. OOPS! I mean I love cabins!!

After camping on our way to Utah (that's two days of twelve hour driving), me 5 months prego, and with a two year old - I said, "NO MAS!" It's been heaven ever since!!

Meagan said...

Oh I always think about that rafting trip as one of the best adventures I've ever been on! Oh I got your message sorry we were at a movie....I'll call you later!!!

Eagar Five said...

Hey! I agree with you. I think that any family trip is a stressful thing because of all the packing and worrying that you didn't forget anything; then after reaching your destination you realize what you forgot. And, not to mention all the work of washing and putting things away when you get home!
I still love the "getaways" but would love it even more if every once in a while they were more relaxing rather than adventurous.